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Plinth Level and Drainage
The floor level towards East, North & NorthEast being lower level is the best. As also drainage from this area only. If However the lower level of the flooring is not possible complete plinth may be uniform in level. In no case should South, West & SouthWest be at a lower level. SouthEast & NorthWest should be at the same level and slope shall always be SouthWest towards NorthEast only. Bia underground piping, drain water from NorthEast can be taken out towards any direction.
Shaded area shows correct position for Plinth Level and Drainage

Beneficial Effects : Lower level towards East, North & NorthEast and drainage from this area is the best. This results in complete family being happy, healthy and prosperous as also financial prosperity, name & fame in society as well as progress in life.

Effect of plinth level & drainage in debilitating areas (Shown Shaded)