Vastu Vocabulary

Compass : This is an instrument to know the directions accurately.

NorthEast : Middle portion of North and East.

SouthEast : Middle portion of East and South.

SouthWest: Middle portion of South and West

NorthWest : Middle portion of West and North.

Central Area : Divide the plot into 9 equal portions, the middle portion is Central Area.

Prime Central Area : Divide the central area into 9 equal portions, the middle portion is Prime Central Area.

Building : Home, Shop, Office, Factory etc all are building. So similar Vastu Rules will be applicable for all of these.

Compound Wall : Boundary wall arround the building called Comoupund Wall.

Septic Tank : The dithc used for dirty water and toilet material call Septic Tank.

Duplex : If two floors are constructed over one another and the front area of them is coverd by last roof only then that portion called Duples.

Duct / Shaft : We leav open space in building for the ventilation, this space called Duct / Shaft.

Mumty : Constructed room at terrace to cover the stairs called Mumty.

Mezazine Floor : If we construct rounded stairs in building then its landing stays lower that roof. But at terrace mumty goes high than terrace. This whole floor called Mezazine Floor.

Parapet wall : At terraace we construct a 3 to 4 feet high wall for security purposes. This called parapet wall.

Road Thrust: If there is any road if front of any wall of building then that called Street Thrust.

Head Person: The person who serves all the members is Head person. It is not necessary that the eldest is the head person.

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