Vastu is applicable to all the alive person. The rules of construct home, shop, factory, office etc called Vastu Sastra. There are 10 directions - North, East, West, South, NorthEast, SouthEast, NorthWest, SouthWest, Sky and Land.

God is available every where in the form of wind. Vastu is like a safety cover provided by God, which decides the condition of person. All the conditions and their solution is the base of Vastu.

In this world all the activities happens with the involvement of Vastu. Vastu is applicable there completely on the family members, where parent, wife and children are living.

Advantage of living under Vastu rules constructed house :-

1. Solution of occasional events as accidents, fire and theft hazards, financial loss, is possible.

2. Every corner of house is related to the future of any child, by solving the defects of these corners, the solution of running problem of that
    child's life is possible.

3. Solution of serious disease, bad habits, business related problems is also possible.

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