Date (25/02/2012)
We have published our New Vastu Book "God's Law for Humans" in Hindi and English Both versions. Here you can get all the principles of Vastu for Home, Office, Factory and all types of buildings construction. We are giving approximate 300 example maps of residences with all the defects and their remedies. You can learn vastu by this book and also check and rectify your house according to Vastu.

Contact : Ankit Mishra (08010381364) To Order it.
Date (01/02/2012)
  1. We have uploaded some new Music. These are Ram Charit Manas Musical/Katha, Bhagwat Katha, Shree Mad Bhagwat Geeta, Aadhyatm Ramayan, Sikh Bhajan, Guruvaani, Sukhmani Sahab, Jap Ji Sahab etc

    Check the New Music

Date (18/06/2011)
  1. We have uploaded Vocabulary of some tough words used in website. Here now you can see the meaning of those words which are generally difficult to understand. If there is any other word which you are unable to understand, then please write us, we will add that word too.

    Vocabulary of words used in website

Date (10/06/2011)
  1. Now you can know that which type of plots / buildings are good according to vastu.


Date (1/04/2011)
  1. Drop down list is given with "Vastu Principles" link. You can go to principle page while visiting any other.

Date (20/03/2011)
  1. Now you can enjoy the FREE Service of Astrology too withing Vastu. Click on the given below link for this service

      FREE Astrology Service
Date (07/02/2011)
  1. There are given some figures at Home Page. By comparing these figures with your home, you can know the effects of Vastu defects in your own house. See the related chapter for the remedies.

      Home Page
Date (23/02/2011) 
  1. Now you can download FREE DEVOTIONAL RINGTONES for your mobile

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  2. Musical RAMAYAN with some Music correction has been uploaded. So update your old RAMAYAN with latest music.

        Musical RAMAYAN 
     (with new corrections)
Date (20/02/2011) 
  1. Now you can download the whole book in PDF format. It is very easy to read and DOWNLOAD.

    Dwarkadheesh Vastu
          (Bhavan Nirman)

  2. New DEVOTIONAL SONGS in seperate categories (Bhajan, Chalisa, Kirtan and Aarti) are available.
    (singer: Ravindra Jain, Suresh Vadekar, Tripti Shakya and Shilpi Mathur)

        Bhajan, Aarti,
    Chalisa and Kirtan

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