Effect of any part of the terrace being at a lower level

If the terrace be at a lower level towards East, North & NorthEast, this will be best option. When this is not possible, the whole terrace should be at the same level. At no cost the terrace shall be at a lower level in South, West & SouthWest areas. SouthEast and NorthWEest shall, however be at same level. Slope in the terrace should be from SouthWest to NorthEast. If the terrace level at any area is less by 2 feet, it is considered as sump in that area and the rest of the area height, and the result of the same shall be applicable.

Shaded area is the correct place for these

Benevolent Effects :

Lower level of the terrace towards East, North & NorthEast are the best, resulting in the complete family being happy, healthy & prosperous. Further there will be progress, increased earnings and name & fame in society.


Effect of any part of terrace being at lower level in debilitating areas (Shown Shaded)

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