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Shelves, Lofts & Almirahs

These may not be constructed towards East, North, NorthEast, NorthWest, SouthEast walls and the corners of any room.

Shaded area shows correct position for Shelves, Lofts & Almirahs.

Shelves, Lofts & Almirahs towards, East, North, NorthEast, NorthWest, SouthEast walls and all the corners of any room in the construction would cause severe weight in those directions. This has adverse effects. Even placement of Sofa, TV, Pots for plants etc in there directions are unwelcome. However if Sofa etc have castors, these may be placed in these directions about an inch away from walls.

Constructions of these lofts, almirahs and shelves should be restricted to only West, South and SouthWest walls only.


Effect of shelves / loft / almirah / any weight (Sofa, TV, Plan pot etc) in debilitating areas (Shown Shaded) of construction/room


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