Place of Prayer Room in building

Place of holy Ganges is in NorthEast. It is for this reason that foundation is laid in NorthEast. In accordance with vastu principles, NorthEast is allotted to servant / children / younger brother. Head of the family shall always be in SouthWest or exalted area. it is for this reason prayer room should always be in South, West, SouthWest, SouthEast or NorthEast. With Prayer room in these places we start feeling that God is the head of the family and hence He protects us all. Several famous temples - Tirupati, Banke Bihari, Golden Temple etc. are living proof of the same. For if the prayer room is placed in a bedroom, it may be as shown in the figures.

Placement of Prayer Room

Option no. 1 is the best, next better being is no. 2


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